Seitzland Rifle Club

Club Membership/Rules

Please NOTE:  You MUST be an NRA member to join the club.  If you do not provide your NRA membership number on the application you will not be accepted for Seitzland Rifle Club membership.

                  The application is a PDF file and depending on the internet browser used the file may not be able to be filled in correctly.  If you're having problems, right click on the file and save it to  
                  your PC.  Then fill out the form using Adobe Reader.
If you have any questions about membership, please contact Kay Hughes, at (717) 487-8398 or  with subject line Membership.


Donations to the Seitzland Rifle Club and Seitzland Junior Rifle League

Donations are always appreciated to help the Seitzland Rifle Club reach its goals.

Any donors, including individuals or businesses, must be informed of the following:

The Name of this organization is the Seitzland Rifle Club Inc. This rifle club is recognized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a non-profit (non-stock) business entity.

The Seitzland Rifle Club is not a 501c (3) Tax Exempt entity under IRS statues.  Donations are not deductible.

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